Weather still cold? Get fingerless gloves!

Fingerless glovesI HATE dealing with the kids' cold weather paraphernalia while wearing my own gloves! Here's Jodi's great tip:

I was surprised by the usefulness of these fingerless gloves.  I am able to fiddle with zippers, buttons, car seat fastenings, keys, and my 10 month old son's tiny mittens.  All without having to take off my mittens, or getting them lost in the shuffle.

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  1. adrienne says

    We LOVE these. If you can find the ones with the magnetic clasps to hold the mitten part to the back of your hand (rather than the velcro type- your gloves won’t snag on everything).

  2. laura says

    I got some at Kohl’s and I love them! They have a button and a little loop on the back to hold them open.

  3. kytyn says

    One year on a ski trip to Canada I did a half day horse ride though the snowy woods. The owner/guide wore a pair of these – I figure if they’re good enough for someone who lives there and does that kind of work they’d be good enough for me. Love ‘em!