Track medical history with Excel

Kelly's hack makes me realize that I'm doing a better job tracking my car's maintenance records than our own health history:

I started taking note of my kids' medical histories when my oldest was a wee guy, but in notebook form. I now use an Excel spreadsheet and plan to backtrack and put in all the family medical history.  I'll scan in documents as I get them (such as when we change doctors), and save it all to a DVD. Now I have a simple way to check in on medical issues, both small and large — especially helpful when watching for a pattern of illness.

I hope to get my parents and my in-laws to share their medical history too, that way my kids will always have an answer to those pesky forms at doctor's offices that ask about family health history.


  1. Adrienne says

    Could someone offer a sample medical entry? I want to do this in a spreadsheet, but could use an example or two.

  2. Lynne Smith says

    I actually use it to track meds (with dosages), medication and food allergies, then I printed a miniature copy, had it laminated to carry in my wallet. It has saved me many times. After waking up in an ICU in NYC, I learned to add one more thing. On the back is a signed statement by me saying that despite HIPPA rules it was ok to give out info to my family and that there were ICE (in case of emergency) notated in my cell phone. I think it will be helpful because the hospital did not contact anyone, get my name right, and had me listed as undomiciled. However, they did have my meds right. I’m considering adding my doctor’s name and phone under the HIPPA statement. PS. I told them my nickname and handed them the list before I lost consciousness. I was also carrying id that they ignored.

  3. InTheFastLane says

    If you like using google aps – you could also do this on google spreadsheets and have access to this info anywhere there is internet access.

  4. Abel says

    Darn, I never thought of being so techie about keeping track of medical records! Maybe I should get it started…

  5. Kathy says

    Great idea! I also use Excel to track my kids’ allowance. Years ago we realized that I often forgot to give them their allowance each week, so I set up a spreadsheet called “Banco de Mama” with a different worksheet for each kid. It makes it easy to calculate tax and interest. (They get 1% each month from me – what a deal!) When I’m in a snarky mood I add all the credits and tell them how much money they’d have if they hadn’t bought that Hello Kitty wallet years ago, etc…

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