Today is Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day!

Your taxes are wending their way to the IRS, and you deserve a reward. Scoop up the kids and take them to the local Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop for a free cone between noon and 8pm. You’ve earned it! [via Get Rich Slowly]

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  1. says

    Today, in Boston, is a cold, wet, nasty rainy windy day. The kind of day where the minute you step outside you have to point your head down and hunch up your shoulders to avoid getting a faceful of freezing rain. No point in bothering with the umbrella because you’re going to fight it more than it’s going to help you. And standing in this weather was a line of miserable people with their raincoats buttoned up tight to their chins, standing outside in the rain, waiting for their free ice cream cone. That’s just dumb.

  2. Parent Hacks Editor says

    But somewhere…somewhere it’s sunny, and the birds are chirping, and the buds are blooming, and Phish Food or Cherry Garcia is melting on someone’s very happy tongue.