Tie toys to the diaper bag for in-flight toddler entertainment

Here's how Emmie kept her toddlers busy on the plane:

When our twin boys were 18 months old, we took a 3 hour plane trip. Both boys are very attached to their bunny lovies, which they need in order to sleep, so I was afraid of losing them. We took a diaper bag for each boy since we couldn't all sit together, and I tied each bunny to a diaper bag with a shoelace. In the process, I accidentally discovered a great way to entertain toddlers on a plane. the boys loved throwing down the bunny and "fishing" for it, a game that they could play over and over while not bothering anyone. We played all kinds of games this way. A favorite was tugging on the bottom of the bunny and pulling it back down so they couldn't see me doing it. Next time we fly I'm going to tie about 3 toys to different shoelaces. I suggest boot laces for the extra length.

We've got a bunch of kid flying tips — scan the Travel/Going Out archive before your next flight.

A note about Emmie's blog — she's collecting breastfeeding stories by mothers of multiples: "I have tried to create what I was lacking when I set out to nurse my twin boys, namely personal detailed narratives. I am always looking for moms of multiples who breastfed to submit their own stories, so that we can learn from each other's hard-won perspective and give a little encouragement to moms of twins or more who want to breastfeed. I can tell from the many Googlers that visit this section that it is being read and learned from."


  1. Jill in Atlanta says

    1. Obvious, but…be sure the shoelace isn’t going to accidentally strangle the child (in other words, stay right next to them)
    2. Try a piece of elastic instead of the shoelace- it has the fun of bounciness too!
    3. Try attaching a soft ball (fabric) to the elastic and put the other end around the child’s wrist. They can throw and get it back while in a small space.

  2. JT says

    I second the “beware the strangulation hazard,” as well as the note that if you’re like me and stink at knot-tying, you may wish to try an alternate method.

    I’ve done something similar for all three of my kids — I use the “lively links” (I think they’re by Sassy) to attach toys to anything from the Baby Bjorn or baby backpack to the diaper bag or even my purse. The great thing is that they double as teethers, make it easy to attach and detach in a snap, and they’re dishwasher safe (top rack — I do them in the bottle basket).