Rubber bands keep wooden puzzles in one piece

From veteran Parenthacker Sara:

We've reached the stage where toys start coming in many small pieces — it's starting to drive me crazy!  On fast fix to keep those wooden toddler puzzles together — rubber bands.  There's usually only a couple of pieces, so 2 or 3 rubber bands stretched across them hold all the pieces in and let you stow them in a toy bin or a bookshelf.  (The downside is you have to remove the rubber bands for the kid to play…  worth it for not stepping on puzzle pieces, I say.)


  1. Julie says

    We have another method. Just cut off the leg of an old pair of pantyhose (stockings/nylons – not sure what term is worldwide!) and then stretch it across the puzzle. You can see through the stocking to see what the puzzle is and it keeps the pieces nicely intact.

  2. Kim says

    Another idea is to put small pieces of velcro on the back of the wooden puzzle piece and the matching one on the spot that the piece fits then the pieces never fall out.

  3. kittenpie says

    Ooh, I like Kim’s velcro idea!
    someone I knew used those free cosmetics cases you get with bonus times and put the pieces in the bag. Ziplocs would work for this, too. Me, I just store the puzzles flat on a shelf.