Parent Hacks admin: Back from Spring Break

Crabapple treeI'm back from Spring Break (now physically and mentally — those two things don't always correspond) and will get back to posting at my regular frequency. For those of you who have emailed or sent me hacks recently, I'll be getting back to you this week. My email backlog has gotten out of hand once again, but I spent the weekend in a flurry of springtime organizing — both real and electronic — so I have high hopes for the information flow around here.

It's ironic, really, that the publisher of a "life hacks" -type site has such trouble with efficiency and organization. As I've always said, I'm no expert, and this site helps me as much as I hope it helps many of you.

While Rael was busy chairing the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference in San Diego, the kids and I spent Spring Break in Southern California visiting family and friends. We capped the trip all together with a few days in Disneyland. It was wonderful. I'm busy writing up my findings (lots of Disneyland hacks to share) and will publish them soon.

Here at home, the crabapple tree is in full bloom in the back yard, the tulips are nodding, and everything has come alive again. The break and the offline family time was a ray of sunshine for all of us, but it's also good to be back, digging into our daily routine. And good to be back here — I miss you while I'm gone!