Pacifier encourages babies to swallow medicine

They don't call it "The Plug" for nothing. From Ashley:

My two month old has bad gas and we have been giving her gas drops, but as soon as we put them in her mouth she spits them out.  So I've learned to keep a pacifier on hand while I do it.  I put the drops in her mouth and immediately pop the pacifier in her mouth long enough for her to swallow the medicine.  She really isn't crazy about the pacifier, but will keep it in her mouth long enough to swallow.

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  1. christi says

    So smart! Our son cried for three months straight and the only way to get him stopped was to put those gas drops on his tongue or binky. We so overdosed him on those things, but the doc said it was OK. BTW, as much as I hate to admit it, Walmart has their own brand of Simethicone drops for about $3 vs the up to $12 I saw everywhere else.

  2. duane says

    I hate using this trick every time, but when I need to get medicine into my son I can hold the pacifier in front of his mouth with one hand and the dropper in the other. When his mouth opens thinking he’s getting the binky, in goes the medicine. He gets it immediately after, of course , but I can imagine the little thought bubble in his brain going “Ya know, sometimes this binky takes *nasty*.”

  3. Lex says

    I love the tip, but just to the original post — it’s my understanding that gas drops are no better than placebo or water. Our pediatrician spoke passionately against them.

    Just wanted to pass it on…

  4. Jezer says

    About the gas drops, I’m all for the placebo effect–our Al would immediately stop fussing the moment the “banana-juice” (Gerber Gas Drops)hit his tongue. However, I have to argue that they MUST have offered him some relief at some point for that kind of conditioning to occur.

  5. Tabetha says

    You may already know this, but it is worth typing just in case. Young babies automatically push things out of their mouths. They are less likely to spit out medicine if you put the drips way back in the side of their mouths.