Nosefrida nasal aspirator: A Parenthacker tells all

Heather was the lucky winner of the Nosefrida nasal aspirator we gave away back in February. She's since had a chance to try it out, and here's what she had to say:

First, the good: easy to use, easy to clean, very gentle and does as good a job or better than a traditional bulb aspirator, clear design means you can see what you're getting (I guess this could also be a drawback for the squeamish!).

What I don't like: the biggest disappointment was that it didn't do a much better job than the bulb. I wanted it to blow the bulb out of the water, but really, it doesn't. You still need saline drops to loosen any crusty stuff. I do get less fussing from my toddler, but I think this is mainly because he finds the Nosefrida so fascinating. He figured out how to do it himself the first time we used it (not that I recommend that!). [There's a Youtube video waiting to happen, Heather. — Ed.] Of course, this also means that he gets super-grabby and there's a lot of this thing to grab so sometimes getting it in his nostril in the first place is a struggle. Also, maybe it's just me, but trying to hold a wiggly toddler, keep him from pulling on the tube AND keeping the mouthpiece in my mouth makes me drool; not so fun.

Another downside is that Nosefrida recommends that you replace the filter after every use, and it only comes with, I think, 4 or 5 filters. After that, you'd need to order replacement filter sets (sold in sets of 20 for $2.50). Now truthfully, I'm not replacing the filter every time. Normal daily use doesn't seem to contaminate the filter at all, so I'm leaving it in for several uses. Maybe that's gross, I don't know, but it seems clean to me. You can see how far the goop travels up the tube and it never gets anywhere near the filter. (I do wash the tube after every use.) But worried types who want to follow the instructions to the letter will find this gets pricey fast.

I guess I would recommend it overall, but I think it would be best for a small baby who's not so grabby; might make a nice shower gift along with a couple replacement filter packs and a bottle of saline drops.

Thanks for letting us try it out!

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  1. Mommyprof says

    We bought one after reading the initial description here. I have been very happy with it, mostly because I was never a good bulb sucker user. I was always afraid I was going to poke the child in the brain and I never got very much.

  2. Liz says

    I too purchased the NoseFrida after reading about it here… I have to agree that I have been underwhelmed by its efficiency. I had high hopes, but generally just think it is turning out to be an expensive alternative to a bulb aspirator :-( oh well… continued use may prove me wrong [i hope so!]

  3. Linda says

    I personally liked the First Years Nasal aspirator. It has a plug on the end that can be opened for easy cleaning. It has a small tip that gets bigger so you don’t put the tip too far into the nose. And I discovered that if you plug up the other nostril that isn’t being suctioned, you will get IMMENSE suction and it will loosen a lot more than expected.

  4. kate says

    Aspirators like this are somewhat common in France, so we got one there. It doesn’t use filters. Just cotton balls. And you can replace the little tip, but as long as you wash it, I don’t really see the point.

  5. Alicia Leyrer says

    I’m surprised you are not amazed by Nosefrida, I too got one after reading about it here and on Thingamababy, it’s so unbelievable! I got so much mucous our of my daughters nose and she slept through the night for the first time in weeks. I totally recommend it, worth every penny.

  6. Frances says

    “Are you kidding, Nosefrida is so much better than the bulb or anything else! The beauty is that you do not have to put it inside the nostril at all, and it gets it all out in 1 quick move. You do not to change the filter after every use as long as it is clean, just use common sense. This procuct rocks, and my pediatrician uses it on her baby.

  7. Simone says

    I had finally gotten my baby to sleep through the night when she got a really bad cold. Nosefrida was a life saver! The bulb is useless and my pediatrician says not to use it, you just injure the inside of the nose and make it more swollen and stuffed up. I used Nosefrida before her bedtime, after putting some saline drops and waiting one minute, and it kept her clear pretty much all night. Thanks Parenthacks for recommending this terrific aspirator.

  8. Adriana says

    I love, love, love the Nosefrida! I used to struggle so much, having to use the bulb a few times to clean their nose out. I use the nosefrida once on each nostril, and the amount of mucus that is removed is unreal. I totall recommend it.

  9. florence says

    Nosefrida is really good, I like that it’s easy to keep clean aside from the factor that it works so great. It’s also a mom owned business, and I always like supporting other mom ”entrepreneurs”….

  10. Dennis Buettner says

    Our little guy is 7 months old and got a clogged nose. I envisioned that something like Nosefrida existed. Thank God it does. It is just awesome! His twin sister and the baby on the way will only know clean noses. I recommend it to all my friends.

  11. K says

    I have a new boyfriend.

    And his name is Nose Frida.

    Bulb Aspirator is SO annoying and very high maintenance.

    Seriously, I’m on the prowl for kids with runny noses just so I can use that thing.

  12. Lisa says

    I bought the nose frida after reading about it here, and I LOVE IT!!!! The bulb syringe was horrible at clearing my 4 month old’s nose. I couldn’t believe how much mucous the nose frida was able to suck out. I’m addicted.