Make your own decorated wall clock

Marisa's homemade elephant clockNever underestimate the resourcefulness of a Parenthacker. From Marisa:

I found an adorable "elephant stampede" clock online for $39.99, plus shipping and fell in love with it. I listed as a gift idea for my baby shower, updated the wishlist for Christmas, etc, but never received it. Then I had the brilliant idea to make my own. I went to Rite Aid, bought a $5.99 wall clock, took it home and had at it. I popped the clear face plate off, removed the clock hands, then traced the face plate on yellow, fade-proof cardstock. I popped a hole in the center with a drawing compass, then, looking at a pic of the clock online, cut out other fade-proof cardstock pieces and glued them onto the background. The last step was outlining all the pieces with black sharpie, and then I popped the cover back on. Hurrah!


  1. Serena says

    Brilliant! My son has become very very interested in clocks – it should be very fun to have him help make something like this.

  2. says

    Followup to my earlier post – my husband made one for my son’s birthday! Godzilla fire-breathing the name “Noah”.
    Thanks so much for the hack!
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