Handy postpartum gadget: a reacher

Here's how Jennifer got the "third hand" we all wish for while nursing:

when i was still pregnant, i had bad hip pain which made it difficult for me to bend down and climb stairs (let alone a ladder to reach a high shelf), so i got a grabbing stick [also called a "reacher." — Ed] – they're generally marketed to seniors (my mum got one after her stroke) and sold along with walkers and other mobility aids, but they are awesome for breastfeeding. i inevitably put things down just out of reach when i pick up the baby, so having an extra three feet of reach without moving is essential.


  1. whitepinelane says

    My hack: The same thing is available (although not quite so fancy a model!) in kids’ toy stores! There’s a short version and a long version, and we use them all the time for reaching things that fell behind the couch or the dryer, or off the top shelf of the closet!