Diaper cartoons as changing table entertainment

Nic's hack, from the "we do what we must" file:

One thing that I've started doing recently and found really useful is to use the nappy to entertain him on the changing table. We use a combination of disposables and reusables and unfortunately this only works with disposables. Most disposable nappies have little characters drawn on them with big eyes and nice happy smiles. If he's a bit fractious and wriggly, I hold one up in front of his face and he goes all intent and quiet for a moment, long enough to slip the nappy on.

I've found Pampers best for this, but Huggies work well too. There are so many different designs he never seems to get bored. Sometimes I swap nappies to tell stories. It's like a little cartoon for him right there on the mat!


  1. Rob says

    We used to do this for my son, but since he is now 17 months old, he decides that he’d rather look at a little board-book than the nappy (the nappy just gets tossed back at the changer – he is a good aim too)

  2. HDCS says

    This works very well for my little guy. Though sometimes the diaper just isn’t interesting. So we keep a basket of odds and ends that have captured his interest before so there’s always something to try diverting his attention with.

  3. sweetescapes says

    This has worked quite a few times for my daughter too – especially with Pampers – but of course I always need a few back up toys to stop her from wriggling around during the diaper change!

  4. Tracy WW says

    Now that my son is older, he likes to choose his own diaper. Letting him pick whichever character he’s in the mood for seems to help him calm right down for the diaper change. (Of course, I’m counting the days until he’s potty trained and we can abandon diapers altogether!)

  5. Mandy says

    You can get even cuter cloth diapers, actually. My toddler loves his Cat in the Hat print all in one!

  6. Adela says

    This has worked so well for me that my daughter calls her diapers “Agi”, which is her name for Tigger. When it is wet, she says “Mama, pipi agi.”