Clothes dryer as changing table

Changing PadAmy's dual-floor diaper-changing solution:

We have a two-story house, and her changing table has always been upstairs in her bedroom (I figured that if I went upstairs for every change, I was getting much-needed exercise, a little at a time). Well, I got pregnant again when she was 10 months old, and over the past few months it has become harder and harder to do the stairs 6 times a day.  So, I took a changing pad with raised sides that we had (it's kind of a shallow U shape, if that makes sense, so that the baby can't fall off the table).  I put it on top of the dryer on the main floor of our house, and PRESTO!  Instant changing station without more furniture (or, God forbid, having a changing table in the living room!!).  I figured there were more than a few space-limited families out there who may not have thought of this one yet.

We just kept a little waterproof pad and basket of diapers/wipes/cream on the main floor, then just changed the baby on the floor. Amy's solution is easier on the back, though, and it's nice to be right there next to the laundry.


  1. HDCS says

    I’d throw some velcro strips between the pad and the washer too so that thing doesn’t slip around, especially if you’ve got a squirmer.

  2. mantislee says

    Did this for our first child (3 y.o.) and continue the tradition for our new twins. They especially like it when the dryer’s just gone off and it’s nice and warm in there.

  3. HeatherS says

    This was our solution when staying in a vacation condo with no changing table. It worked great–just the right height.

  4. adrienne says

    I thought about slipping too…

    An easy non-adhesive solutions would be a non-slip shelf liner ( or it’s bigger (and often cheaper) cousin non-slip rug padding (

    We use a cut-down non-slip rug liner to keep a mattress steady on a platform bed, and it works well.

  5. Kate says

    I put a folded towel on the washing machine for diaper changes (I never walk away during the change). And I hung a hanging shoe rack on the clothes hanger in the laundry room; it stores diapers, wipes, etc. Very handy and cheap, and I’ll be able to use the shoe rack elsewhere later.

  6. molly says

    My sister does this with her son, 4 weeks old. He gets kind of fussy during changes and he always calms right down if you turn on the dryer while you change. I guess the vibrations under his butt helps him forget about being naked.

  7. ZMama says

    I have a changing table and changing pad, but I’ve found the best (and safest) place to change a baby is on the floor, esp if they’re wiggly. I just place a that curved pad or a flat pad I have anywhere on the floor. I never really used the changing table at all and now just put decorations and things there.

  8. Today Wendy says

    I’ve got a 5-month-old and we’re currently using one of those pads on the bed as a change table. It’s a small apartment and we didn’t want to get any more furniture than we absolutely had to.

    I also find its great to throw on the bathroom floor when I’m getting her in and out of the bath. I put a towel on it, then I’ve got somewhere warm & dry to put her down thats only inches away from the tub.

  9. Tami says

    I did this same thing, and just keep diapers, wipes and hand santizer in the cabinet above dryer. Plus my dryer is right off of my bathroom, so now that my daughter walks I just say lets go to the bathroom to change your pants and hopefully will make potty training easier since she is use to going to the bathroom to change her diapers anyway.

  10. Sejal says

    We use the space between the two sinks in our master bathroom for keeping the changing pad and rest of the supplies go in a corner next to the sink. we never leave the baby unattended and this has worked out for us very well.

  11. Lisa says

    We have used our small chest freezeer as a change table on our main level. It has worked very well for us with an Ikea inflatable change pad on top.