19 April 2007

Avoid overdue fines with a library basket

Megin of GNMParents on keeping track of library books:

We go to the library almost weekly.  Between the 3 kids and myself our library bag is overflowing when we leave.  For a long time it was common to lose track of the books-  they would get mixed in with the books we owned (all 9 gazillion of them!) and left in every room in the house.  This made returning books a bear and we almost always had late fines.

Enter the library book basket:  I bought a special basket that stays in the living room.  This is now the home for all things library.  The kids learned very quickly to return books to the basket- even the 2 year-old.  Now when it's time to return items, we just dump them back into the library bag and we know we are returning everything we borrowed.

The same idea would work for movie and game rentals, although we avoid the late fee problem altogether with Netflix.

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I stick the printouts on the refrigerator...and cross off the books/DVDs as they get returned - then I toss the slip when everything has gone back.

we do a similar idea, but we use a cubby. we keep all of our shoes (hats, gloves, etc.) in cubbies by the back door - we just designated a couple for library books and it works wonderfully!

I do the same as Maggie.

You can also make a book bag or box as a craft.


I'm just really glad that our library doesn't have overdue charges at all.

My daughter likes to keep her library books in her room, but tends to keep them stacked right next to her bed anyway. Easy to grab and go when we go to the library for more.

This is a great idea! We've always got late fees at our library se we might have to start using a system like this.

I also check my library account online at work to make sure that I have returned all books.

In fact, this post just reminded me to check and I found a stray book that needs to be returned in 3 days! I thought I had returned everything in the last stack I took on Tuesday! Thanks Parent Hacks!

Anyone tried http://www.booksfree.com/ I know a family that swears by it.

What about Library elf? My wife uses it to track both of our Library cards.


We have a library basket and also a library bag that hangs next to the door. It's a sturdy canvas bag with a zippered pocket where library cards are always kept. When we're finished with a book, it migrates to the bag so that all we need to do is grab it when we're dashing off to the library.

I know this is odd, but I really figure the library is a good charity cause and can use the 10 cents now and then. Compared to late fees for other things (late tuition is $25!) this one just doesn't bother me.

I use Library Elf too. Actually I signed up long time ago and promptly forgot about it, only to be reminded the other day that a book was due.

I use booksfree, but generally for books that my library doesn't have. I think of it as my Netflix for books. Its biggest benefit has been that it's kept me from buying books that I only want to read once but that my library doesn't have.

I use booksfree, but generally for books that my library doesn't have. I think of it as my Netflix for books. Its biggest benefit has been that it's kept me from buying books that I only want to read once but that my library doesn't have.

First, the day I take the books out, I put the due date on my calendar. It's easy to forget you even have books out after a few weeks!

Second, and this is similar to the laundry basket idea, but for one - I have a little table I always keep library books on. It not only helps me find them when I have to return them, but keeps them more visible so I'm enticed to pick them up.

We also do this. I keep all of my books in a basket. We have a little one that likes to destroy books though, so my son's books get put in a bin that has a locking lid on it. This helps us avoid the paper shredding that would likely ensue :)

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