Vinyl placemat as sticker repository

From my SXSW buddy Sara (such luck that she lives in Austin!):

So my husband Ben and I are prolific ParentHackers, but it seems our daughter J. (almost 2) has also inherited the gene.  Unprompted by either of us she came up with this one:

Stickers go everywhere — on her clothes, her face, her hands, her stuffed animals… but *not* on the furniture.  J's hack is to put them on the vinyl placemat she eats on.  They are definitely "hers," she gets to see them at mealtimes, and they are not permanently affixed to anything Momma cares about.  Smart girl, no?  :)


  1. Marykz says

    what a clever girl!! and if she makes an arrangement on paper she really loves you can always laminate it for a do-it-yourself placemat. Isn’t it fun to see kids figure things out? I love that “a HA” moment… MKZ