Use blue painter’s tape to babyproof a hotel room

Kristin’s eminently practical travel babyproofing hack:

Not quite sure why I didn’t send this in when I first had the brain spark, but we realized too late that our trip to China to pick up our son would have been much less stressful if it had included a roll of blue painter’s tape to childproof hotel electrical outlets and “lock” dresser drawers. It works just like duct tape, but is easy on hotel walls, furniture, and anything else you’d rather not leave permanently sticky.


  1. says

    Good idea! I’ve always heard the masking tape thing, but blue painters tape is a little easier to see when leaving. Of course if you are going to be there for several days, it will fall off….

  2. Allen Knutson says

    My son loves loves loves to peel that tape. Enough that one can get a few minutes’ peace by laying down tape on the floor, for him to peel up. I doubt we will get much milage out of this hack, but we are happy for those that can.

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    I would suggest taking a Leatherman Micra (, as well and pulling off the face plate of the electric off before applying the tape. Once the tape is over the outlets, put the plate back on to protect the edges of the tape from being pulled off by an inquiring toddler.

    Be careful, off course. This shouldn’t be too big a deal if you are like us and don’t generally use maid service while staying at the hotel (they’ll want to use the outlets after all).

    A friend of ours did this at their house and it worked like a charm.

    You could used electrical tape, if any other tape bothers you.

  4. says

    We just came back from a trip to Baltimore and this worked wonderfully! My daughter (almost 2, going on 27) got a piece of tape to play with on her own, which seriously minimized her trying to pick it off the outlets. There were no problems with adhesion; the tape went on Thursday evening and stayed until Sunday morning when we peeled it off (and no worries about removing outlet covers). I suggest the standard blue tape as opposed to the more expensive “delicate surface” tape.

    Another added advantage: a few pieces on either side of the hotel dresser drawers kept smashed fingers to a minimum. I don’t think I’ll travel without a roll again!

  5. says

    That would be such a great idea for visiting friends who don’t have kids or whose kids are old enough to no longer want to jam their fingers in the outlets. I’m going to put a roll in my purse!

  6. Lisa says

    I know this would not work for me and I probably wouldn’t recommend doing this to anyone else. Not only is the blue tape a beacon that says to a little one “here i am, rip me off!” (which my son could do at 8 mths old) but the tape can also be a choking hazard once it is peeled off.

    However, I think Jim’s suggestion of taking the faceplates off and putting tape on them is terrific. And you don’t have to see the blue tape!

  7. Anonymous says

    Just used this one for a 2 week vacation on the cape at a rental house. It worked GREAT! I also used it to tape down a plug to an internet router that couldn’t be moved to keep my 13 month old son from pulling on it as well as taping closed some drawers that we didn’t need but were at his height. The 2 inch tape is the roll I purchased and it was just the right width for the electrical plates. I was surprised but he just ignored the tape for the most part we didn’t have a problem with him pulling on it.I would highly recommend this hack.

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