Track medicine dosage with a reusable chart

Here’s how Shauna avoids double-dosing:

To give long-term medicines without the confusion of who gave what to whom and when, make a simple calendar on the computer (with days only — not dates) and laminate. [You could also slide the calendar page into a plastic binder insert. — Ed.] With a hole punch and a string, attach a dry erase marker. Put on the fridge and you have a re-usable, simple medicine chart.

Write medicine dosage amounts on the bottle with a Sharpie
Track your kids’ medicine doses


  1. Rachel says

    When my son is sick I keep a dry erase marker in the medicine cabinet, and write the medicine, dosage, and time on the mirrored door of the medicine cabinet. That way everything is all in one place, and I can’t loose the door on the medicine cabinet.