Toyinstructions lets you throw away your toy manuals

For those of you who agonize about saving the instructions from your kids’ toys and games, or who’ve stumbled onto vintage toys at garage sales, the folks behind Z Recommends have create a new site: Toyinstructions. This is site is a wiki — anyone can contribute content and links — the idea being Toyinstructions will eventually become a comprehensive repository of instructions for a vast number of toys and games…fascinating.


  1. says

    We’re trying to declutter our home and make it more manor than hovel, but I’m a total packrat.

    When I stood holding a pile of toy instructions, and Jim said- Jeremiah has those covered on, the papers started their journey to reincarnation via our recycling bin. I think Jim did a little happy dance to see me relinquish them so easily.

    Now if only someone would make a similar repository for baby gear instructions…