Record your child’s voice with your cell phone

Andi found a reason to be happy about her toddler's obsession with her cell phone:

We all know that our babies and toddlers love to play with our cell phones. They will often babble away on pretend phone conversations for much longer than they would think of speaking under any other circumstance. Most contemporary cell phones have a voice memo feature which can be used to record your child's early speech and babble. Simply locate the Voice Record or Voice Memo option in your cell phone menu and start the phone recording before you hand it to your child. Their precious conversation will be preserved for you to enjoy later or to share with the other parent who often misses such cute moments.

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  1. Brian says

    Slightly off topic, when my son was lost at the mall a few months ago, I realized I don’t have any photos of him with me. No photos to show the mall security dude, or police. So, later that day, I grabbed my cell phone and stored pictures of each of the kids in my phone (which I ALWAYS have with me). Now, God forbid, should I need to provide a photo of them, I can.

  2. Sherry says

    My son is now seven and he recorded his voice on the message recorder on our microwave about four years ago. I push the button every once in a while just to hear his three year old voice say, “Mewwy Cwistmas! Happy New Ye-uh!” It brings a smile every time.

  3. Katie says

    Our son damaged my husbands cell phone when he used it for teething so we try to keep it from him. However, the sitter has a old cell phone not activated that she keeps charged for the kids to play with. She found out one day that 911 still works when one of the kids dialed.

    We don’ have a land line in our house but have a 3rd cell phone on our family share plan that says at the house. It is programed with our numbers, grandparents, and the kids doctors so anyone watching the kids can easily call who they need.

  4. Jordan says

    I had some of my son’s first little murmurrings recorded on my voice memo of my cell phone. I kept meaning to tape record them… And then my son got a hold of my phone and somehow erased them all and recorded, instead, some of his screaming. Sad.