Formula dispenser simplifies feeding baby on the road

Sassy Formula DispenserRanda found a way to take some of the guesswork out of formula feeding:

There are times when you are out and about, or have your baby with a sitter that you just never know how much formula you're going to need to make.  This also comes into play when you're pumping and never know how many ounces you're going to have to give the sitter, and how many ounces of formula they'll need to supplement with.

Instead of toting around the entire formula can, we use the powdered formula dispenser by Sassy that has the 4 sections, and we've marked the sections 1/2, 1, 1 1/2, and 2 and put the correct number of scoops in each section.  That way you can make just as much formula as you need and can combine the amounts in each section if needed to come up with the right amount.


  1. ChristieNY says

    We have one of these, and it’s also great for toting baby’s dry oatmeal or rice cereal! :)

  2. adrienne says

    We’ve used one of these for almost a year now. They’re fabulously convenient.

    The body, though not the lid, seems to be made of polycarbonate plastic which is something I’m presently uneasy about. Jim and I were just talking about whether or not to keep using these divided containers with food yesterday and came up with a huge “?” for an answer.

  3. jennyg says

    This is a bad idea unless you label the SIDES of the container. The lid spins freely so you can access all of the compartments, and once you turn it, you will have no idea how much you have in each one.

    We use this occasionally for suppliments for our 1 year old, and just put a 2oz scoop in each one- that way if we need to make a 2, 4, 6, or 8 bottle we will be able to make all sizes. It’s very very useful for middle of the night bottles!

  4. Neal Patrick says

    Bonus! Once the kids are too old for formula, it transitions nicely for a portable snack container….4 sections are enough for some choice, but not too much. (Our current rotation is Cheerios (x2), goldfish, and Mighty Bites)

  5. corina paul says

    We purchased several of these containers in anticipation of the arrival of our twins. We had successfully used this method of “make as you go and serve at room temp” with our first child.
    We used a sharpie to mark each container as a 2 scoop or 3 scoop container so that like jennyg we had a lot of options on what size bottle we could make (we could also split a batch into 2 bottle feeds as we were feeding 2 babies). As the number of night feeds per infant fell from 6 to a more manageable 3 we simply put a tin of formula in the nursery.
    When we are out with our twins we have switched over to using the newer plastic single serve powdered formula bags- they take up way less room than 4 of those containers. They have a place on which to write the amount you have put in- great for plane travel. The bags are available at Target. The formula containers are now snack containers but we can remove the divided section (I think they are Avent and they are designed to have an afterlife as snack containers). My left over plastic formula bags will make neat little snack bags too!

  6. Tim says

    These are a requirement if you use formula! There is no way I could manage a late night feeding with out premeasured formula. (and premeasured water). At 4am, I am not into measurements…

  7. RookieMom Heather says

    This is good for snacks and purees… but if I used it for smooshy baby food, I’d probably never get it clean enough for formula.

  8. LAB says

    I also had the problem with the powdered formula filtering through one compartment to the other. I bought these and they were much, much better:
    They’re Pop-Apart Formula Containers made by The First Years/Learning Curve. I bought a pack of three (they snap together/apart) at Target or Babies R Us. These totally rock.

  9. Kelly Wallace says

    I just bought one today by Parents Choice at my local Walmart. I haven’t used it yet, but I already love it. It’ll be so much better on a day out than carring around a bulky can of powdered formula!