Pool noodle as lightweight toddler bed rail

kittenpie came up with another use for swim noodles:

If you have a kid who might roll a bit in bed at night, but is not too active a sleeper, you can skip the guardrail and tuck a pool noodle under the bed sheet along the edge of the bed instead. It is enough of a bump to warn them that this is the edge, but easy to climb over if they need to get out. (And only costs a couple of dollars, which is nice!)

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  1. Sylvia Moestl Vasilk says

    Or…roll up a towel and tuck that in under the sheet! That’s what I do, and it works for my 3 year old. We’ve never had a bed rail.

  2. Jill says

    We lost one bed rail when we took it on vacation and I’m not about to let that happen again. We’ll be in Florida soon and a pool noodle (or two) might be just what we need!

  3. Johnny's Mom says

    That’s a great idea! My son’s captains bed sticks out from the wall about 3 inches, and his leg sometimes slides down the side, blankets etc stuffed down there always get bunched and messy looking – I am going to try a few pool noodles instead – it is genius!

  4. suzin says

    where do you buy rails for convertable cribs?
    My crib converts to a toddler bed, but every bed rail I find is for a twin size bed??