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Thingamababy: HOW TO: Make a Reusable Tracing Book for a Toddler (tags: parenthacks toddler) Allowances for Kids: Teaching Children the Value of Money ∞ Get Rich Slowly (tags: parenthacks parenting kids)

Making up new rules for card- and board games


Here's how Cathy (Mayberry Mom) and her daughter hacked Uno: My daughter (age 4) and I figured out a new way to use Uno cards. She loves Uno, but wanted to try something different, so we played War. We decided that the skip, reverse and wild cards (the ones with no numbers) always lose to […]

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Best All-Time Children’s Books | zen habits Leo's got another great list! Check it out — it will bring back happy memories of sunny afternoons spent lost in a book. (tags: parenthacks kids) Baby Cheapskate: Where Have All the Formula Deals Gone? Angie's back, this time for money-saving tips for formula buyers. (tags: parenthacks baby)