links for 2007-03-21


  1. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Duh. has a word limit on the blurb that can accompany links. Sigh. Noted.

  2. adrienne says

    I saw the dwink on Cool Mom Picks and am considering getting one.

    Whenever I think about giving our 18 month old a juice box, my mind flashes back to a massive Capri Sun fight my cousin and I had in elementary school. After that I can’t imagine the full extent of the damage a curious toddler could do with a juice box in my car. I know my son would be delighted by the fountain action, so this might save me some headaches.

  3. ChristieNY says

    We have the “Juice Box Buddies” by Mommy’s Helper that we got from for about $2 each. We keep one in the diaper bag and one in the car w/ an apple juice in it, takes up almost no extra room than the box itself except the little handles, and does a fantastic job at keeping my little one from making a mess squeezing the box. We’ve been using them for 2 years now, no complaints. :)

  4. Christina says

    We have the “dwink” box and it is by far the BEST juice box holder out there. The “juice box buddy” didn’t hold many varieties of juices very well. And those that it did hold, were not in there very snuggly. The “dwink” box is the best $5 investment I’ve made in a long time!