LED faucet light “changes water color” when too hot

Led_faucet_light Stormy, Shelley, and Michael all wrote to me about this water temperature gadget at ThinkGeek:

I'm not sure how much of a hack this is as it requires buying a gadget – but for us gadget lovers, that's never a problem. :)

ThinkGeek sells an LED Faucet Light that turns the water blue until it hits 89 degrees at which point it turns red.

Since baby bath water is supposed to be 90 degrees or less, you could use it to make sure you weren't pouring water that was too hot. Also, it could come in handy when teaching an older child how to pour their own bath water. Our oldest used to scream "It's too hot!" or "It's too cold!" as he seesawed between extreme hot and extreme cold

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  1. Mandy says

    89 degrees seems way too cold for a bath. That’s colder than the water was in my birth tub, and an older child can handle much hotter temperatures than a newborn (whose water should be 95-100 degrees, not 89!)
    This thing looks like a cool toy, aside from that.

  2. Roz says

    This sounds like a great tool for the elderly as well. Also, when the grandkids stay with their grandparents, Granny and Grampa will know when the bath temperature is correct and can avoid the horror of accidentally harming their beloved babes. Us older folks sometimes do not feel sensations such as heat and cold the way we did when we were (much) younger.

  3. says

    Before all that is holy, I swear to you that I was going to blog about this same item yesterday! I’m a big ThinkGeek fan, and when I saw it, I thought, oh, how perfect for kids! I don’t know how sensitive it is to change (are the colors gentle in their shift, or is it just blue or red?), but if it’s reasonable sensitive to temperature changes, this would be a child-friendly product of the year.