19 March 2007

How to encourage your baby to tip his head back during shampoo-rinsing

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Rinsing my 9 month-old boy's hair out in the tub has always been a wee bit of a "soapy eyes" experience for him. But I tricked him to leaning his head back so that I can rinse it off and let gravity take the soap and water down the back of his head. My trick: I take the letter O from his bath letter set and put it on my nose. I stand up a bit and look down at him whereupon he looks up, giggles and tries to grab the O craning his neck a bit. That's when I swoop down and rinse off his hair. He doesn't even notice that I rinsed his hair! Plus I get a laugh and a smile out of him. That never used to happen in the bath.

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My eight-year-old tween seems to be too cool for everything except his shampoo swim goggles. I'm convinced these things are going to be there on his honeymoon.

Darned good idea. I usually take my little guy's squeaky rubber ducky and raise it up in the air and squeak it so he looks up. It usually gets him giggling too.

Our babies all are born with more hair than a lot of middle-aged men we know! Shampoo is a must from a very early age so I really don't know what I would do without our bath visors. We got ours at our local grocery store but they look like this:


Still tricky for us now at 2+ years! It got better when she could understand my directions, 'Head back, close your eyes, 1 2 3!' And then I pour the water from one of those special hair rinsing pitchers with the rubber lip that conforms to the top of her head. But now instead of so much water in her eyes and face, the water is getting in her ears. I'm contemplating ear plugs, but I doubt she'd tolerate them!

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