Plush toys double as travel pillows

Tricky road trip trick! (Tricky road trip trick, ticky road tip trick, tippy road trip tick…okay, so I have a weakness for tongue twisters. Try it on your kids five times fast.)

From Kirsten:

The best travel pillow ever.  On our recent road trip I brought along a TY stuffed basketball toy – to toss around in the back of the van. When I was drowsy, though, I used it as a pillow and it was awesome!  Behind your neck, or sideways next to your  face it’s PERFECT.  Plus it’s small, squishable, and is also a boredom-buster! We also have the soccer ball and football – I wonder if the football shape is as good…. or better?  Will try next time.


  1. Jill says

    Now take several inches of elastic and fasten it onto the pillow. Tie a loop in the other end to put over your child’s wrist. Long enough to throw, short enough to not throw at you– and it always comes back.

  2. says

    I discovered this trick on the plane! Great for lower back strain b/c airlines seats are just terrible.

    I love your blog – full of great resources for me, both as a mom and an online business owner.