BabySport turns any water bottle into a baby bottle

Short and sweet, from Tim:

Water bottle nipple adapter. Why has no one done this before?


  1. says

    It’s bad enough seeing kids drinking soda out of baby bottles…I can see this making it easier for some to just slap some soda down their babies’ throats. Or I’m just pessimistic :-)

  2. CJ says

    I grew up on a farm, and we had rubber nipples that slid over the tops of plastic soda bottles for feeding the baby goats and lambs. I guess it makes as much sense for humans babies…

  3. Ratphooey says

    I don’t get the point of this product, either. Any child old enough to be drinking water is surely old enough to use a regular cup, straw or sippy. There is already a similar product that turns any water bottle into a spill-proof sippy sport thing.

  4. says

    I was just telling my 5 year old that we should invent a straw-using bottle topper for water bottles. My son loves this fruit flavored water we buy at Costco but only wants to drink it from the bottle. But at 19 months, he only gets a few seconds of drinking time in before he tips the bottle too high and spills it all over himself.

  5. says

    Nice. I can see something like this saving some space and some spills too.

    Instead of packing formula or milk that can go bad, you can just take:

    -Formula powder
    -This nipple

    You can bring a water bottle or just buy one when you need one. Plus you could take the nipple off and replace it with the regular bottle cap, completely eliminating leaking.

    Wish I knew about this before my son graduated to sippy cups!

  6. says

    I just picked up a similar doohicky from Gerber , the other day. The family was out for a day of errands and my almost four year old was thirsty. Wanting to get him some water or juice to drink, but having forget a covered cup, I went to look into buying another sports style sippy cup. Of course, at nearly $10 CDN for a decent large cup with a valve and a straw I was loathe to add yet another cup to our collection. And then I spotted the Gerber drink lid.

    It fits onto water bottles (and there is one juice brand up here that packages in the small plastic soda bottles with the same size opening) and it doesn’t have a nipple, instead it has a vacuum/sports style opening. It wasn’t expensive and was available at Shopper’s DrugMart (which is like a CVS) and hte package has two drink toppers and one cover.

    I’m not a big fan of giving fake nipples to babys (my son went to a sippy cup for his non breastmilk drinks as an infant) and our sometimes busy lives mans it’s not convenient to use wide mouthed cups on the go. So, I’m going to make sure there is one of these drink toppers in each and every bag and purse I own :)

  7. Shauna says

    I bought the Gerber version also. I find it really handy. If we are out and I buy a bottle of water for my daughter, I know it will make it in her mouth not all down the front of her clothes. She thinks it is totally fun and I keep her hydrated easily. I love it. :o)

  8. says

    Boy, why didn’t they think of this when my kids were little? It almost makes me want to have another set of kids with all the cool stuff that has been invented in the last few years!