Alphabet cookie cutters create delicious learning opportunities

It's all about the alphabet this week. Here's Rosemary's twist on literacy fun:

In a recent attempt to get my son interested in reading (he is a super busy rough & tumble boy) I have found a great tool. Alphabet cookie cutters! The set I purchased has every letter and number. I cut a letter or two out of his morning toast and then use those as "letters of the day" like on Seseme Street. We talk about, and point out things that start with those letters during the day. They are also great for making cookies, but I use them to cut just about anything.


  1. Sarah says

    How big (inches) are these cutters? Do they actually also cut out the hole in the A’s, R’s etc.? I have a set now but you have to manually cut it out.

    I love the idea for toast. We have a small set that we use with playdough to spell out different words.

  2. scurvyann says

    i love these!!! thanks for reminding me to buy them – they’ve been on my wish list for awhile…i’m a-gonna buy them right now! cheers, all.

  3. Picholine says

    These are very cool, but for those on the run, Trader Joe’s cinnamon alphabet cookies are yummy and fairly healthy. I took a picture of them that I tagged “parenthacks” (it was showing up in the sidebar here for a little while).