Make an ice pack out of hair gel or corn syrup


Kara’s first-aid hack: Use frozen hair gel as an ice pack (I’m fond of bright pink Dippity Do). Squeeze some into a quart- or snack-size Ziploc bag and toss it in the freezer. You should use corn syrup instead of hair gel for teethers and mouth injuries (just in case the afflicted person bites through […]

Teach babies to drink out of a Dixie cup


SourPatch's cup-learning hack: I’ve been teaching my 14 month-old to drink with a cup all by himself (crazy me, didn’t think to introduce him to a cup until he was past one year old). He’s adept at drinking without spilling if someone else is holding the cup, but I wanted to help him learn to […]

links for 2007-03-30

Teach Your Kids to Work – Part III | GNMParents Does Laura uses a star chart to encourage her kids to work? (tags: parenthacks parenting) Blog posts tagged as "parenthacks" Visit your fellow Parenthackers! Lots of great posts are popping up. Want people to visit you? Tag your blog posts as "parenthacks." Jim explains how. […]

Use a dry erase board for the family grocery list


Stu (who’s now one of the editors of GNM Parents — did you know that?), took some of the guesswork out of grocery shopping for older kids: I was having trouble getting my kids to go to the market with me, and they would complain that my food selection was lame. Rock, meet Hard Place. […]

links for 2007-03-29

finslippy: "…like drinking a fizzy, liquid Starburst." Alice Bradley of Finslippy shares her two-ingredient drink "recipe" that sounds like heaven in a glass — with no high fructose corn syrup. My kids will flip. (tags: parenthacks) Unbiased reviews of hundreds of baby products. (tags: parenthacks baby)