Ze Frank can babysit my kids any day

Ze Frank's FrogI’m perhaps one of the last people to find out about Web star Ze Frank, host of the daily video blog the show. Lifehacker turned me onto his wonderful riff on procrastination. Funny, smart, and all that. I’m hooked.

Of course I went to his site to find out more and was surprised to discover a pile of simple, imaginative Flash toys and games I’m assuming he built himself. This guy either loves kids or is a big kid himself, because these games are beautifully-designed and FUN. There’s a frog that mimics your voice (you must try it), a kaleidoscopic flower-maker, a friendly-looking bug, and so much more. His site is arguably as tempting a time sink as YouTube.

Note: There’s stuff for the grownups, too, so parental guidance is suggested.

Questionably-related tangent: Ze will be emceeing the SXSW Interactive Web Awards which I will be watching with great anticipation.

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    You probably want to start working on the backlog of his stuff, then, Asha — he originally promised that his daily podcast would be a one year experiment, and that year anniversary is up in March.

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    We’ve been watching ze frank for quite awhile now. He is a big kid at heart, although his show is often politically themed, you’ll find him just blowing off steam and being silly more often than not. He does have lots of cool extras and he recently won a couple of awards for his work. My favorite was when he convinced us to all adopt 3 people from MySpace. It didn’t work out that well but it was very funny.