Sheepskin as cozy stroller liner

Baby sheepskinSTL Mom has lots of good ideas, but this one popped up in the comments of Hot water bottle as stroller warmer, and I wanted to be sure everyone saw it:

I received a sheepskin at a baby shower, but was always scared that my daughter would suffocate if I let her sleep on it. Instead, I cut slits for the stroller straps and used it to line her stroller in cold weather. It was soft and warm and she loved it.


  1. says

    Better yet–IKEA sells such cheap sheepskins, you could do this even without the gift. Wish I’d thought of it earlier in the winter!

  2. Kate says

    We did this with my first son and an Ikea sheepskin. I cut slits for the stroller straps so it wouldn’t slide around so much, and it fit perfectly in a Maclaren stroller.

  3. says

    It not only keeps them warm in winter, but do leave it in the stroller in summer – sheepskin fleece also wicks away moisture, so it keeps your baby cool and dry in sweaty summer, too! A lot more comfortable on the backs of the knees than the canvas of a standard stroller!

    We got a purpose-‘built’ sheepskin for our son over in New Zealand (home of the sheep!), and it is utterly wonderful.

  4. ancient mom of 4 says

    The deal on sheepskin is that the wool naturally traps air – so be assured your child can not sufffocate while sleeping on it. I actually bought four for my kids’ carseats – but the youngest starting napping on them (as an infant) when I had them drying in her crib and now all of the “lambies” are hers. She just turned four and the sheepskin is her security blanket.

  5. Jill says

    I was worried about the sheepskin thing, too — but bought one anyway because I heard such great things about it. When it arrived, I tried my VERY best to “suffocate” myself with it, and no matter how hard I pressed, the density of the fibers kept it from completely blocking my mouth and nose, and I could still breathe. I figured if a grown-up couldn’t press hard enough to suffocate, neither could my baby, who LOVED the Lamby and slept on it every night for his whole first year. I highly recommend them!!!