Reusable reward systems

AJ of Thingamababy reminds us that toddler rewards (for potty sitting, toothbrushing, etc.) can be as simple as drawing an “X” on a calendar. The trick is finding out what motivates your kid, and then letting the reward do its job — don’t oversell it.

Jill’s potty training reward system prompted a great discussion on this topic just last month. So many creative ideas!


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    My nephew is a big fan of birthday candles. His potty training reward is that my SIL lights a candle and he gets to blow it out. He thinks this is the BEST thing — better than candy or McDonalds!

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    It helps to be a salesman. I’m not one in real life. I just mean you have to make the reward or request sound genuinely interesting and exciting. Your tonal inflection or word choice can mean the difference between a tantrum and eager acceptance.