Parent Hacks admin: Google subscribers, where have you been all my life?

Parent Hacks subscribers

I almost spat my orange juice onto my keyboard this morning.

I knew I was in for a little treat at FeedBurner. I check there every day or two to keep track of how many folks subscribe to Parent Hacks updates, either by RSS or email. Now that Google has started reporting its subscriber numbers, I figured there’d be little jump for Parent Hacks, too.

Friday: about 5100 subscribers
Saturday: about 12,900 subscribers

I’m astounded, amazed, and thrilled. Thank you, thank you for making room in your inboxes and feed readers for Parent Hacks.


  1. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Thanks, Rick. But 60%? That’s the astounding detail for me. That 60% of Parent Hacks subscribers were invisible before Google flipped the switch on its reporting. Wow.

  2. Jennifer says

    Thank you for being a great addition to my google reader. I look forward to my regular dose of hack.

  3. Melissa says

    I found your fabulous website by adding your links to my google homepage. Because of this I find myself visiting your page daily! You ALWAYS have something useful to see, do or click…

    Atlanta, GA

  4. SpikeyMike says

    Holy smokes, Asha, that’s cool! You may have a sorely underestimated growth rate as well. I bet you could make some extrapolations because, you know, you’re a geek :)
    Anyway, woohoo! Go phacks, go phacks…

  5. says

    …and thank you Asha – for this great tool/site. I use Google reader to get my daily Hacks delivered to me.

    By the way, I see you have Justin Roberts new CD over there on the right – is that disc awesome or what?


  6. Ed says

    I recently switched from LiveJournal syndication to Google Reader syndication for ParentHacks. I’m glad to hear that I’m reflected in those new stats. :)

  7. says

    Spikey: Who you callin’ a geek? You geek! (I know Spikey personally, so I can say this.)

    Jeff: I (we) love Justin Roberts’s CD! My thing with any kind of music is intelligent lyrics…and he really comes through.

    Everyone: Thank you so much for the kind words. I’ve been in a bit of a fog today…that jump really surprised me. It says something about the value of our hard-earned parental wisdom. All these nuggets of info we’ve stumbled upon…when gathered in one place, the effect is incredibly powerful.

  8. Shauna says

    I am a google subscriber who found Parent Hacks late last fall and I am not only a follower, I am a junkie. I can’t wait to get on google every morning and see what new hacks await me. :) I have tried so many of the hacks and loved them, it’s made my life so much easier! The community is awesome!

  9. SpikeyMike says

    @ Asha: Ooh! Ooh! Geek fight! Geek fight! I throw my Wikipedia at you! I unsync your bookmarks! I set up a Stikkit reminder to crank call you from my iPhone six months from now!! I make you get a Yahoo ID even though you’re an old school flickr-ite! Oh, wait, Yahoo already took care of that one… Okay, then, I unsubscribe you from your Kathy Sierra feed!
    I pwn you. MWUHAHAHAHA!

    @Shauna: I just want you to know, there’s help for parents like us. It’s called HA (Hackaholics Anonymous). Please look for your local chapter. I’ll sponsor you. And remember, admitting you have a problem is a big first step. I applaud your courage. ;)

  10. says

    SpikeyMike: You’re a WAY bigger geek than I am. You address people in comments with the “@” symbol. You have a goofy alias (we all know your real name is Gunther). You barely notice when friends come into a cafe because you’re so absorbed with your NetNewsWire. Hey…how did you know I read Kathy Sierra? Yeah, well I bet you read Michael Arrington. Nyah nyah nyah.

  11. SpikeyMike says

    Asha, what I just heard you say:
    “Blah blah blah NetNewsWire blar de blar Michael Arrington blah blah blah.” :)

    Man, you went all playground on me. And for the record, Gunther is NOT my real name. It’s my mother’s.

  12. says

    I subscribe to the daily newsletter thingy. I read your newsletter before anything else – even my grandfather’s emails! :)

  13. says

    I subscribe to the daily newsletter thingy. I read your newsletter before anything else – even my grandfather’s emails! :)

  14. Anonymous says

    I have been reading for months, always through the google reader until I want to check out a particular post. Great job!! Keep it up!