Water houseplants with leftover bottled water

From the So Obvious I Can’t Believe I’m Writing This Down file: I’m fine with tap water (especially with the help of my beloved Brita filter pitcher), but my husband is a devoted bottled water drinker. The kids, too, like bottled water as a treat, and we often have a bottle or two in the […]

Parent Hacks Meetup! 03/10/07 Austin, TX


Are you coming to SXSW Interactive? If not, will you be anywhere within spitting distance of Austin, Texas on the morning of Saturday, March 10? Then come on down to the Halcyon Coffee Bar and join me, Sara, and hopefully a bunch more Parenthackers for a little caffeine and conversation! Children are welcome. Where: Halcyon […]

Hot water bottle as stroller warmer

Jo’s MIL scored a winner with this cold-weather tip: This was actually suggested to me by my mother-in-law (who knew?  most of her "advice" makes me roll my eyes but this one’s really good) and my husband told me i should pass it along, so here it is… For those really cold days that you […]

Reusable reward systems

AJ of Thingamababy reminds us that toddler rewards (for potty sitting, toothbrushing, etc.) can be as simple as drawing an “X” on a calendar. The trick is finding out what motivates your kid, and then letting the reward do its job — don’t oversell it. Jill’s potty training reward system prompted a great discussion on […]

Old tube socks protect exposed wrists from snow

I wish I had heard CJ’s snow-play hack about six years ago: Even in the heart of winter, we spend a lot of time outside, following my mother’s wisdom that "there is no bad weather, just bad clothing." One problem that arises when the snow piles up is the issue of snow accumulating around little […]

Win a YoonKid from Cool Mom Picks


Discovered today at the lovely and talented Cool Mom Picks: YoonKids — adorable, customized wall art depicting girls in all sorts of cool roles such as astronomer, reader, and and guitarist. Get over there today for a chance to win the Scientist print! (I’ve already entered…my daughter needs a little princess deprogramming.)

Bottle nipple as medicine dispenser

Cathy came up with an ingenious medication dosage hack: So they sell those nifty baby medication pacifiers where you crack the thing opened, put in the medicine, and in somebody’s dream world, the baby peacefully sucks the medicine down no problem. Actually, I shouldn’t harsh on it so much. My 10-month-old actually fell for it […]

Clean your wood floor with disposable diapers

Here’s how Farah of shopping site SheFindsMom used up extra disposables: I have a great way to clean up wooden floors.  I use diapers–clean ones, of course.  (I still get a bunch in the mail from Huggies for some reason and they’re always the wrong size). The diaper curves over your feet perfectly and you […]