Old tube socks protect exposed wrists from snow

I wish I had heard CJ’s snow-play hack about six years ago:

Even in the heart of winter, we spend a lot of time outside, following my mother’s wisdom that "there is no bad weather, just bad clothing."

One problem that arises when the snow piles up is the issue of snow accumulating around little wrists.  It seems to be a law of physics (somehow) that when a hand lands in the snow the sleeve goes one way and the edge of the mitten goes the other, leaving bare skin to gather the snow.

What we do to get around this problem is to make "wrist scarves" (my 3 yr old’s term) – cut the "tube" part off a pair of old tube socks, cut a hole for the thumb, and that’s it.  If you want extra durability, you can hem up the ends and the edges of the holes so they don’t unravel.  The kids can get them on themselves (very important in my opinion), they’re cheap (free!), and they take very little effort.  The thumb hole is important to keep the "scarf" from sliding up the arm with the sleeves.  An old pair of tights or anything else slightly stretchy (i.e. not too bulky under sleeves) would also work.


  1. mom-2-five says

    We also do this for the ankles. It keeps their pants inside their boots.
    Slide the “tube” just over the heal and over the top of their jeans. Then put on their snow pants and boots.

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