Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap: all natural and prevents “dishpan hands”

Rebecca’s hack reminded me of an old commercial for dishwashing liquid that fascinated me as a kid. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what "dishpan hands" might look like.

As parents of a 4 month-old who is bottle (and breast-) fed – we’ve discovered the solution to dishpan (and cracked) hands when washing bottles by hand. Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap is wonderful – it doesn’t dry out your hands at all – and the ingredients are all natural. has it on sale right now for 30% off. We like the geranium scent the best – it smells like a rose, sort of, but the scent fades quickly from the bottles.

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  1. joe c. says

    Interesting article about natural cleaners. You should try Sun & Earth cleaning products. The Sun & Earth dish detergent contains aloe so your hands do not become sore and red.