Make your own foaming dishwashing detergent

Dawn Direct FoamLisa extended Kirsten’s foaming hand soap hack to include dishwashing:

I recently saw a TV ad for Dawn Direct Foam — it seems to be the exact same thing as foaming hand soap only with dishwashing detergent [Are you sure, Lisa? Because the website says Dawn Direct Foam uses a BREAKTHROUGH FOAMING TECHNOLOGY. — Ed.]. They market it as something you can squirt directly on the sponge (which is how I wash dishes anyway). I made my own using an old foam hand soap dispenser and filled it up about 4/5 with water, then squeezed a good long stream of dishwashing liquid into it. Shake it up, and it works great. I’ve been using the same bottle of dishwashing detergent for 6 months now and have barely made a dent.

But does this magic foam get your kids to do the dishes?

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  1. says

    Cool! I’ve been really curious about whether this would work. I may invest in their dispenser and then use it for cheap refills!


  2. michaele says

    Although that is a great idea, I don’t think it’s the same as the actual product. I use the real stuff and I can say it is hands down better than regular Dawn with water in it (which I always used before). It’s not just about the foaming action with this product, it’s acually a different detergent.


  3. says

    i have to say that my three year old loves doing the dishes, regardless of the soap. she washes the tupperware,and plastic cups + spoons. i didnt even teach her that, but i love it.

  4. Jinx says

    When the makers of hand soaps came out with the foaming cleaners for kids years back, my kids wanted the Harry Potter soap. So we bought it, used it, and added refill soap and water, with whatever scent my girls fancied at the time. It worked great, just like the original. As an aside, The Pampered Chef actually sells a foaming dish liquid dispenser that works exactly as this new Dawn does. You add water and your own dish washing liquid to make it work.

  5. says

    This also works great with that kids Kandoo handwash. We refil our Kandoo bottle with a mix of water and baby shampoo, much cheaper and smells better than the origional IMHO.