Kiddley shuts its doors

One of my favorite sites, Kiddley, has gone on an indefinite hiatus. Claire and Phil, creators of Kiddley and Loobylu, point to the demands of balancing work, family, and blogging…and that family wins out.

Sad as I am to see Kiddley go, I so admire Claire and Phil for their choice. I’m inspired by people who have the courage to take a conscious step toward what they believe in, despite the pressure to do otherwise. Much happiness and peace to you, Claire and Phil…you’re always welcome here.

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  1. says

    Don’t call this a hiatus or break. Just write new articles as time allows. I sometimes struggle writing one article a day, and take the weekends off.

    If they write once a week, or once per month, the site will still have a readership. Think of it as fewer, but higher quality articles. Find an arrangement that fits your life. But if cutting the cord is what fits, more power to them.

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