Hot water bottle as stroller warmer

Jo’s MIL scored a winner with this cold-weather tip:

This was actually suggested to me by my mother-in-law (who knew?  most of her "advice" makes me roll my eyes but this one’s really good) and my husband told me i should pass it along, so here it is…

For those really cold days that you just need to get out of the house but you’re not sure about keeping the baby warm, fill a hot water bottle 3/4 full, wrap it in a blanket and pop it in the stroller near the baby’s feet.  Contained in a stroller bag/bunting bag/complex blanket arrangement, this is sure to keep keep the baby toasty without getting over warm.  Works great with my twin boys and lets me get out for that much-needed walk even on the coldest of days.


  1. says

    We do this same thing with one of those microwaveable heating pads filled with rice or other dry stuff. I even made a smaller one that was the right size for my daughter to hold onto, so that even when she flicked off her mittens she could have warm hands.

  2. Jill says

    Rice is great- it stays warm much longer than hot water I think. Just fill an old sock with rice and tie it closed. Microwave it a minute or two until warm and it’ll work for years as a heating pad. This was a midwife tip btw.

  3. rednexmama says

    This is so funny… About a year ago when my daughter was about 5mo old I got stuck having to walk the 45min home from the grocery store during a freak snowstorm. Worried that I hadn’t dressed her warm enough I bought one of those roasting chickens piping hot from the deli and tucked it in with her. She came out smelling like poultry but she was toasty warm!!!

  4. STL Mom says

    I received a sheepskins at a baby shower, but was always scared that my daughter would suffocate if I let her sleep on it. Instead, I cut slits for the stroller straps and used it to line her stroller in cold weather. It was soft and warm and she loved it.

  5. starfishblue says

    Please use caution with the water bottle idea. I have a co worker who had a brother that was burned by a water bottle placed in his crib. The cap was not on tight and it opened with a gush soakin him within seconds. He died as a result of the burns. This was a common practice way back when (so worker is in her 60’s, brother was older)