Glade Scented Oil Light Show makes a good nightlight

Glade Scented Oil Light ShowKristine found that a little nighttime entertainment prompted her son to stay in bed:

Glade Scented Oil Light Show is a great night light – especially if you leave the scented oil container off.  Simply plug it in, and it’ll rotate a three-color light show.  It has three brightness settings, and three settings for the light show.  It had my little guy mesmerized and he slept in his own room for the first time (…well, at least until midnight)!

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  1. says

    I hear Maggie’s point. When I flirted with vegetarianism, my wife balked at me for buying processed food (say, frozen pepperoni pizza) and then removing the pepperoni. Her point was that I was helping support the market for a product I didn’t really believe in.

    The Glade thing a solution in a pinch, say if you forget your night light when traveling. But yeah, I’d seek out a regular LED night light. There are some that cycle through colors and have full control over the brightness setting.

  2. Brian says

    One thing to consider is that perhaps you have a mother or mother-in-law who sees these air fresheners on sale and buys a bunch of them. They’ve already been bought so they have to be disposed of somehow. Therefore, you can control how the scented oil is disposed AND you can make use out of something that would normally be taking up space in a landfill somewhere!

  3. CJ says

    Target sells a couple fiber-optic nightlights (under $10) that change colors and are fairly low-light. My DD has a butterfly that she likes to watch when she wakes in the night.

  4. Cujo says

    Aside from Mike’s comment about toxicity, these things are a fire hazard. I have a relative who is a firefighter, and he tells me that a surprising number of housefires get traced back to these plug-in air fresheners.

  5. Ilene says

    I was going to comment on the safety issue of these plug ins but I see that Cujo beat me to it. We recently had Fire Safety training at work and the Fire Chief was vehamently opposed to these as they are a major fire hazard.