Eucerin cream gets rid of baby’s saliva rash

Amazon: Eucerin cream Christine from found a solution for her baby's teething-induced saliva rash:

My pediatrician recommended Eucerin cream (not the lotion — big difference). I applied the cream on my baby's skin after his bath — it was super-thick — like paste. After a few applications, the irritating rash was gone. I kept applying it each night and the rash NEVER CAME BACK.

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  1. Heather says

    My toddler son has super dry skin. The dr. recommended a 50/50 mix of hydrocortizone and eucerin. Truly a wonder brew!

  2. anon says

    Eucerin or the CVS equivalent is great for skin issues, because it doesn’t have alcohol. So, you put it on your dried cracked skin and it doesn’t burn like most moisturizers do (seriously, who puts alchool in something for dry skin??). You can also use it on your lips to heal chapped lips. I think it’s a great present for new parents, because you wash your hands so much when the baby is tiny.

  3. Betsy says

    We used Lansinoh for this very same thing and it worked like a charm! (Plus it’s nice to find another use for something you never use the whole tube of).

    But Eucerin does a great job on his otherwise very-dry skin.

  4. Alexander says

    Aquaphor all the way! It is the industrial strength Eucerin variant, and for our little one who suffers from eczema, it works wonderfully.

  5. says

    We couldn’t agree more Aquaphor all the way! One of our sons has extremely sensative skin and it keeps the rash away

  6. says

    One more vote for Aquaphor. It also makes great chapstick (I keep mine in an old lip balm container with a screwtop lid) and it doubles nicely on small cuts and burns (in place of something like Neosporin) and they heal faster. I just love the stuff.

    Eucerin creme is great for very dry skin- though it is greasy for the 30 minutes.

  7. Lynn says

    I just started using the Eucerin cream this Winter because the very cold weather was making my toddler’s excema flare up. This cream gets rid of the dry skin and rash very well. It is very greasy and difficult to apply because it is so thick, but once it gets worked in, it’s great! Especially on little faces to prevent dry skin and wind burn.

  8. megachick says

    another vote for Aquaphor! we call it miracle medicine because it heals rashes overnight. my daughter constantly had chapped skin on her face because of spitting up so much during her first 8 months. this stuff was the only thing that worked.

  9. hedra says

    We use Aquaphor for saliva-induced eczema (Meriel has eczema, saliva will make it much worse, or start it off in the first place). Rinse saliva off gently with plain water (for her, not even a washcloth, just my hand), apply THIN layer, repeat regularly and often.

    Lansinoh will work beautifully on irritated, dry skin, but use caution if you suspect eczema (raised, lumpy, poss. weepy, itchy patches) – even the ultra-purified lanolin in this can irritate some eczema cases (per our allergist, check with yours first!).

  10. Tracy WW says

    My pediatrician recommended generic hydrolated petrolatum, which you can get at the drug store (a 1lb pot of it is about $10). My son has terrible eczema flares, but slathering the cream on him really helps. And it keeps my hands pretty too! ;)

  11. Serena says

    Aquaphor is awesome. Also good for noses that have been rubbed raw by tissues. And chapped hands. And diaper rash. Lanisoh is good too but a little stinkier and hard to rub in.

  12. hedra says

    Just remembered – Meriel loves to rub ‘Baby Badger’ balm on herself. (Badger Balm, baby version.) It smells nice, isn’t sticky, but does a good job for post-bath water barrier work… (keeping the ‘wet’ in her skin is one of the Allergist’s high priorities for us).

  13. Jason says

    Aquaphor! Our 9 mo old’s dry craked cheeks were resistant to everything untill we tried Aquaphor. Amazing results, I mean overnight, next day her skin was glowing. Lot’s of saliva from teething so her neck is a trouble spot for that we clean, then pat dry with tissue and blow on her neck folds before putting A&D on at bedtime and that works great. Thanks Aunt Janiece!

  14. kirsten says

    My baby had a little rash in her skin fold. The ped suggested using a yeast cream, so I did. Cleared up in <36 hrs.

    I also love Aquaphor. They gave me some in the NICU for the baby.

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