Clean your wood floor with disposable diapers

Here’s how Farah of shopping site SheFindsMom used up extra disposables:

I have a great way to clean up wooden floors.  I use diapers–clean ones, of course.  (I still get a bunch
in the mail from Huggies for some reason and they’re always the wrong size). The diaper curves over your feet perfectly and you simply glide across the room.  I’ve also used breast pads…bought them in bulk and didn’t want to throw them out!

Those nursing pads come in handy cleaning glass surfaces and granite countertops, too.


  1. STL Mom says

    Thank you – that created a wonderful mental image for me of a woman wearing a little skating dress swooping and spinning around the floor with big, poofy feet coated in dog hair…
    But seriously, if you have more than a couple of extras, your local food pantry or women’s shelter will probably take them. My pantry happily took opened packages (after all, you could easily tell if they were used!)

  2. Jasi says

    I’ll give you one worse. When I was hugely preg and in a wild hormonal nesting binge, I stuck those long neglected maxi pads to the bottom of my slippers and angrily “swiffered” the hardwood floors. (anger due to being overdue and unable to satisfactorily clean the floors)

    well, at least it made me laugh.

  3. Manny says

    I also keep all the diapers that don’t fit any more. They are great fro cleaning and emergency spills.

    1. They fit the swiffer wet jet, or maybe the clorox one, can’t remember. The tabs are great for fastening them onto the wet mop.

    2. They hold more than two cups worth of liquid. When we have a spill somewhere I just lay one of the diapers on it and everything gets soaked up.

  4. LovesBeingAMom says

    Is a great idea BUT…. there are plenty of places (homeless shelters, battered women shelters, churches, daycares, etc) that will happily take those extras off your hands… err uh feet!