Breastmilk as cure for an eye infection

My pal at urbanMamas cured her son’s eye infection with a well-aimed squirt. Her pediatrician and pharmacist later confirmed that, yes, breastmilk is indeed a well-accepted cure for eye infections. Will the wonders of breastmilk never cease?

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  1. Shauna says

    I don’t have access to breastmilk – it’s a little awkward to ask friends for a squirt or two, but I do live near a farm and milk straight from the cow works as well – I assume not as well as breast milk, but still effective.

  2. says

    This stuff is fabulous! My friend was at my house and had a horrible eye infection. She kept trying to call her dr to get an Rx called in, but it was taking more than two days.

    I kept telling her “I’m just saying…I’m lactating, and it clears up eye infections”. Finally she tried it (I expressed into a cup and gave it to her) and it cleared up in a few hours. She was asking for more.

    Breastfeeding is awesome!!! Reduces breast cancer in mama, diabetes in children. I love these shirts:

  3. says

    This is absolutely true. When my daughter was just weeks old, I’d drop fresh milk into the corner of her eye and her infection cleared up within about 48 hours.

    I have to say, we got our share of really odd looks and questions from family as we told them our remedy.

    I’ve also shared with a close friend when her daughter was dealing with one.

    It’s amazing!

  4. says

    Breastmilk also works great as a decongestant if you don’t have any saline drops. Use expressed b-milk with a dropper, it clears your kiddo right up!

  5. says

    Breastmilk also works great as a decongestant if you don’t have any saline drops. Use expressed b-milk with a dropper, it clears your kiddo right up!

  6. hedra says

    Also good as a topical anti-inflammatory – great for bad cradle cap, the kind that has the raised lumpy surface (inflammation signs). Rinse it off after it dries, though, or hair will be glued down for a while!

    I also like how it removes the ‘gunk’ from eyelashes when the kid has an infected tear duct… water does nothing for that, but breastmilk, gentle wipe, all gone! :)

  7. says

    Yep, I’ve used breast milk for many things when I was nursing…..eye infections, stuffy nose, baby acne, and of course making baby stop crying for whatever reason he was crying.

  8. says

    It works for an ear infection too! My daughter thought it was hysterical that she got her brother’s milk in her ear, but it cleared things up pretty quickly!

  9. Demmy says

    This is completly sounds insane but at 16 i accidently got crazy glue in my eye :( my eye got bloodshot and it hurt like hell i didnt have insurance so my mom decided to try some milk and it cured it :) im here talking to a friend about this and decided to look up eye infections and milk as a cure and came across this site hehe IT WORKS! it wasnt breast milk but im sure its better than cow milk >.<

  10. says

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