Bottle nipple as medicine dispenser

Cathy came up with an ingenious medication dosage hack:

So they sell those nifty baby medication pacifiers where you crack the thing opened, put in the medicine, and in somebody’s dream world, the baby peacefully sucks the medicine down no problem. Actually, I shouldn’t harsh on it so much. My 10-month-old actually fell for it a couple of times before she started rejecting it outright. The pacifier did not feel like her bottle nipple (we use the Nuk), so she got wise, even from a dead sleep, and I was up the creek.

Last night in desperation I took one of her Nuk nipples and turned it over. I poured in the medicine, put my finger over the hole, and tramped back to the bedroom. My kid sucked it up without waking up and (I think) was none the wiser.

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  1. says

    We really like the syringe style medicine dispensers over the bulb style. As long as they use they same measurements (ml) you are ok. A half a squirt in the left cheek (the old way to go is back since they don’t have the muscle control to get it out) and down the hatch. The other half squirt in the other side and off we go. Although I do like the idea of slipping it to them in their sleep.

  2. HDC says

    This doesn’t really add to the hack(which is a darn good idea), but with all the candy and fruit flavored medications these days am I the only one who has no problems getting their baby to take medicine? My little guy lights up like Christmas has come when ever I break out the Tylenol bottle or his peach flavored fluoride supplement.

  3. michelle says

    We use this method consistently for vitamins. Works like a charm. One thing we learned, though, is that some vitamins (example – target brand), & probably some meds too, are too thick too be pulled through the hole in the nipple (We use Soothie brand bottles). So, we either mix it up in cereal or go back to the “old” way.

  4. says

    This is so so so smart! I love it! Where was this hack when I needed it two weeks ago, stuck in a hotel with baby benadryl but no dropper? (d’oh!)