And the snot sucker goes to…

Congratulations, Heather! You get to suck snot out of your son’s nose as soon as next week, depending on how fast the mail goes! Send me an email with your mailing address and I’ll send your NoseFrida right out.

Let me just say: I am amazed by the enthusiastic interest in this product. People really hate those bulb syringes. Heather — I hope you’ll give us a report once you’ve tried it out. I’d like to know if it really is easier to use and more pleasant for the kid.

Other names for the bulb syringe:

And in case anyone doubts that Parenthackers are the smartest blog readers around, have a look at Laura’s moving poem:

Cleaning up my baby’s snot
Is not
Something I enjoy
But I’m the mommy and I do
What I must for baby boy.

A tissue wipe is not enough
For that ghastly green and yellow stuff;
When he sees the blue bulb coming, he cries and screams and fights,
His distress at my solution keeps me up at night.
I’m thinking that Nosefrida might—
just be the one—
Solution for my son.

If we got the freebie, why Asha I’m sure I’d
Be sure to sing Nosefrida praises very far and very wide.


  1. Adela says

    I’ve used the European equivalent, Narhinel, since my daughter was born. It is great but as a previous user pointed out, the tips are disposable and the box only brings 2. I have my family send these boxes from Spain often but it is never often enough. Good to know I can get these in the US now. I never thought it would catch on because of the high American “gross” factor. I think we are willing to comprimise gross to get the snot out. BTW, we call it the “booger sucker” or “chupa mocos” in Spanish.

  2. says

    Laura’s poem reminded me of a song by Sara Hickman that we like to sing.

    Sara Hickman, a fantastic singer songwriter who used to head up Domestic Science Club (two great CDs worth checking out) has a couple of albums geared towards families that she made after becoming a mom herself.

    The song “Goop’s In It” off of the album, Newborn, works equally well if you substitute “nose” for “eyes”.

    My personal favorite songs of hers include “It’s Alright” “This Heart” and “We are Each Other’s Angels” from Newborn.

  3. Suzanne says

    We always called it The Snooter. Thought it has kind of a cute, Dr. Seuss ring to it. ;-)

  4. says

    um, we’ve found that a regular baby-safe Q-tip does just fine – digs those nasty mucousy boogers right out – follow up with a wet wpie, and you’re good to go.

    Who needs such new-fangled stuff anyway? Our changing table area is already OVERFILLED with stuff…

  5. Amie says

    I didn’t get a chance to respond to the original post (we had a VERY long day yesterday). But I had to add to the list of names for the nasal aspirator. We have always called ours a “booger sucker” too.

  6. liminal mike says

    We called it the Snorker. Because that’s the noise it makes as it pulls out the snot.

  7. Elizabeth says

    With all due respect, your kid must not ever have had serious stuffiness, because there is no way your Q-tip method would remove snot deep in the nasal passages…snot that truly inhibits breathing. The aspirator isn’t for snot that’s already in the nose; it’s for snot that hasn’t even made it there yet and is preventing the child from using his/her nose to breath.

  8. says

    We call ours the Snot Sucker of Doom.

    Just add “…of doom” to pretty much anything and it makes it way more fun to use.

  9. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Mom101: Heh! We add “…omatic 2000″ to everything for similar effect! Snotomatic 2000!

    Everyone: Heh heh! You people are making me snort in my latte. (I’m in a cafe.)

  10. says

    You guys aren’t ambitious enough. You’re only focusing on the immediate gratification of pulling mucus from your children’s nostrils.

    We, on the other hand, aim higher.

    We go Ancient Egyptian on our son.

    We’re after his brains!

    I call ours the brainsucker and give plenty of commentary on how much of it I am sucking out with each aspirator pull.

    It sounds like its the brain we’re pulling anyway.


  11. Parent Hacks Editor says

    EXCUSE ME, Jim, but I do see “Brain Vacuum” listed above. You’re not the only one with big aspirations, you know.

    And I want it written somewhere that I just made a nasal aspirator joke!

  12. says

    I’m bummed that the comments were closed before I got a chance to participate. I really wanted to win that thing because my husband used ours as a TURKEY BASTER (eeeeew!) on Thanksgiving. He swore he disinfected it beforehand, but still… ick.

    So, yeah, that’s what we call it. The “turkey baster”.

  13. says

    No clever names, but I have to say the NoseFrida is one of the most awesome devises ever discovered. I was dubious, but intrigued and ordered it. At first I was disappointed, it did not seem to work any better than the bulb, than he got a cold…..that thing took out more snot, and so fast!!!!!!

  14. Bella says

    I agree, that is the best invention ever, I ordered one after seeing it on, and it’s far better than the bulb! Not any grosser than changing a diaper if you ask me…actually much better!

  15. Amanda says

    I used the Baby nose-clear version, it was the best thing I ever bought for my baby. Plus it has a reusable filter so I could just keep sucking!