And the snot sucker goes to…

Congratulations, Heather! You get to suck snot out of your son’s nose as soon as next week, depending on how fast the mail goes! Send me an email with your mailing address and I’ll send your NoseFrida right out. Let me just say: I am amazed by the enthusiastic interest in this product. People really […]

NoseFrida nasal aspirator: revolutionizing the snot sucker


Ah, the nasal aspirator. This ubiquitous bit of baby gear has a place in most nurseries for good reason: babies inevitably get congested and must be “suctioned” so they can breathe properly while they nurse and sleep. Problem is, most bulb syringes are hard to maneuver, especially when the suction-ee is wildly protesting. (I’ve never […]

Browse Craigslist photos with Listpic


Craigslist addicts rejoice! Ryan Sit has hacked together Listpic, a Craigslist photo viewer that lets you visually browse your city’s listings. You can browse an entire category (here’s how Portland’s Baby + kids category looks) or you can search by keyword. Saves you money AND time…a winning combo. [Thanks for the heads-up, Ryan!] Tags: Craigslist

OXO Good Grips hacks the mango


We’re mango lovers around here, but I often end up wasting half the fruit trying to properly cut it into slabs for my kids to eat. I discovered this clever gadget at the grocery store yesterday: the Oxo Good Grips Mango Splitter. I’m not generally one to pay over ten bucks for a single-use kitchen […]

Airborne: Does it help your family avoid colds?


We’re battling the round-robin rhinovirus around here…the cold that infects one kid, then another, then me. It seems that no amount of hand washing, Purell, or general voodoo is keeping us healthy. All except for one of us…my husband. He swears that his secret is Airborne, the effervescent orange-flavored herbal/vitamin tablet you drop into a […]

Sheepskin as cozy stroller liner


STL Mom has lots of good ideas, but this one popped up in the comments of Hot water bottle as stroller warmer, and I wanted to be sure everyone saw it: I received a sheepskin at a baby shower, but was always scared that my daughter would suffocate if I let her sleep on it. […]