Put shoes and socks on kids AFTER strapping them into the stroller

From Kittenpie:

Before I attempt to wrestle shoes, socks, and a coat onto my girl in the morning, I put her in her stroller and do up the belt. Now she can’t escape and I am not running after a moving toddler target. I sit on the bottom step in front of her and put her feet on my knees to get the shoes and socks on, then turn my attention to the coat. She’s calm about this 99% of the time, since she can’t take off and now it’s just the routine.

Good for babies, too: shoes go on one the baby’s in the car seat or front carrier.

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  1. HDC says

    I use the high chair. Which is handy because I’m usually feeding the tot just before we’re going out somewhere.

  2. says

    I have to get the coat on first, since I haven’t figured out how to wrangle it through the buckles. But, I almost always just take the shoes with me and put them on when we get there (most of our trips are car trips) because my littlest one likes to take his shoes off. But, when we are about to get out of the car, he is more than happy to sit still for the shoes (and sometimes socks as well).

  3. Kate says

    I do this at restaurants… don’t let your kid out of the highchair without putting on their coat and getting yourself ready.