17 January 2007

Parent Hack-worthy links: Strollerderby, O'Reilly Hacks blog, Argus Leader, Z Recommends, Haughey's family travel tips, Expat Expert

Some linky goodness:

Strollerderby: I've been reading the Strollerderby feed with glee ever since it launched. Multi-author blog of Nerve's new parenting site, Babble, it's got a fresh, gender-neutral take on the ups and downs of urban parenting. A lineup of fantastic writers (Jay of The Zero Boss, Pierre of MetroDad, Stefania of CityMama, Dutch of Sweet Juniper, Sarah of Sarah and the Goon Squad, Jason of Dadcentric to name a few) keeps it comin'.

O'Reilly Hacks blog: Brian Sawyer, friend, Parenthacker and O'Reilly editor, let me know about the new blog companion to the O'Reilly Hacks book series. In the tradition of the excellent Make: and Craft: blogs, the Hacks blog promises lots of goodies, including a section devoted to parenting. Check out Brian's toy safety net. As many of you know, the Hacks series originally inspired this site, so I'm thrilled to see O'Reilly taking it further with a new blog.

Argus Leader: A journalist appreciated all of your kids-in-restaraunt hacks, and contacted me to follow up. Here's the finished article, complete with a quote, now running in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota newspaper.

Z Recommends: Some great hacks, including this DIY road rug for Hotwheels and Matchbox aficionados. (Thanks, Brian!)

A Whole Lotta Nothing: Matt Haughey's got some good family travel advice. (Thanks, Brian...you are on a major roll.)

Expat Expert: Living abroad with your family -- or dreaming of it? This blog contains tons for good info and links. (Thanks, Marilyn!)


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» Eating Out With Kids from All Sides of Life
The Argus Leader (Sioux Falls, South Dakota's paper -- who knew!) has an excellent article on eating out with kids. Here are some of the tips: Pick the right place (usually noisy with quick service) Beat the clock (eat early) [Read More]

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"Nerve's new parenting site, Babble"
Now *that's* a phrase I never expected to hear.

Thanks for the tips, Asha.

I love the Zrecs site and think using the site as future college fund material is inspired.

The OReilly Hacks blog is also a great find. I read the Make blog constantly for entertainment, projects and courage. Good to see they've added a Hacks site as well.

Love the links! The Traveling Toy Safety Net looks like it would be a great submission into the new Gadget Hacks carnival - http://blogcarnival.com/bc/cprof_949.html (hint hint ;) ).

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