Parent Hacks meetup at Baby Loves Disco – win free tickets!

Baby Loves DiscoSo I’ve been thinking about ways in which we can make the jump from online lovefest to real-life meetups. And then, I found out that Baby Loves Disco was coming to Portland! I’ve envied the folks who’ve gotten to go ever since I first wrote up Baby Loves Disco, and then I found out it’s arriving in my very own hometown. What better way to get to know each other than to shake our collective booties to some Bee Gees?

Real music from the 70s and 80s spun by real DJs! Bubble machines! Baskets of scarves and instruments! Chill-out rooms for nursing moms! Diaper-changing stations! Full spread of healthy snacks by Wild Oats! And (AND!) the bar’s open for Mom and Dad!

So, Portland Parenthackers, wanna come dancing with my kids and me? Thanks to Andy, I’ve got ten free tickets to share!

Here are the deets:

Sunday, January 14, 2-5pm
Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W. Burnside Street, Portland

If you can make it, let me know in the comments. Be sure to fill out the comment email field so I can get back in touch with you (your email address won’t appear on the site, but it will come directly to me so I can email you back). Also, each walking person needs a ticket, so indicate how many tickets you need.  Please only sign up if you’re sure you can come, because I’d hate for these tickets to go to waste (they’re worth $12 each).

On Wednesday, January 10, I’ll choose people at random for the giveaway. I hope you can come!

(If you can’t make it here, no worries. I’ve got plans in mind for more meetups. I’m thinking that any time I travel we should arrange a little playdate. Details to follow.)


  1. says

    What’s better than baby-friendly dancing? Baby-friendly dancing with the folks from Parent Hacks! We’re totally going, but if we win free tickets we’ll just enjoy it that much more. There are three of us (since the baby walks, runs, climbs…you name it). Yay!

  2. Anjani says

    This sounds like so much fun. There are three of us, if we count my 1 1/2 year old who loves nothing better than to bop around.

  3. Yaz says

    We missed the Holiday Kiddie Disco, so we’re thrilled to be in town for Baby Loves Disco. There are three of us coming. Thanks for offering the ticket drawing!

  4. Mama J says

    Since the birth of our son 5 months ago, I think we’ve gotten out together only once. This sounds like a great thing to do as a family and bring our older daughter (7 yrs)too!

  5. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Michele: BLD is national — you can see if it’s coming to your town at If not, from the website: “to bring baby loves disco to your town, email”

  6. says

    $0.02 from Mr. Security about posting on this blog, which I must say I really like and find useful.

    The default behavior for this site is to use the Email Address field of the “Post a comment” form if the “URL of your website or blog:” field is left blank. I will bet most people do not realize this and are unknowingly posting their email addresses for any person, or worse SPAM program, to read off the web site. A better default would be to not create a link or provide a generic default link instead of posting email addresses unless a person specially puts it into the “URL of your website or blog:” field.

    Again great site and thanks for the useful information.

  7. says

    Why, oh why, do we not live in Portland?!

    My heart pools with envy of all you lucky folks!

    Here in Indiana we have lots of rain, but none of the other perks.

  8. says

    I get the flashback image of a little studio 54 with bruiser baby bouncers and lines of infant formula on the tables. My kids love music so this might be the perfect outing for both them and us, the parents. It will be fun if they spin some Cure or Bahuas so I cna teach the 4 year old to do the white boy goth shuffle. Can I even dare to dream of some BlackFlag and a baby mosh scene?

    Hope to see some of you there.

    -tom(any one know where to buy baby spoons on a chain)h

  9. says

    Oooh, something we can go to as a family that’s indoors and out of the rain (and not the shopping mall)! We’d love 2 tickets for the parent walkers.

  10. Jennifer Pair says

    We are new to Portland, and this seems like it would be great fun, and a great way to meet new people! I would need 4 tickets…17 m/o b/g twins, my husband, and myself! My son and daughter LOVE to dance! Let’s BOOGIE!!!

  11. Jen Tate says

    There are 4 of us. We have our costumes ready. We have our dancing shoes on. We would LOVE free tickets – but we’re coming either way!


  12. Mary Wells Pope says

    We can’t wait to see you there- all four of us!! I will work on persuading the backspinner to show his stuff….

  13. says

    We’re planning to be there! I suppose it’s too late to enter for your drawing, but if you have one, two, or three of the tickets available for my family (Me, DH, and 2-year-old daughter) I’d of course love to have it/them. I hope they can find a way to make this less expensive!

  14. says

    yeah, okay…just found out about this from Greasy Kids Stuff–how cool. We’d like to enter for 3–the pdub and his mama and his papa…disco freaks, all.

  15. connie says

    we’re visiting portland this weekend. we have three kids but any tickets would make it a treat.

  16. says

    Will you be announcing the winners here? I’m embarassed to admit this, but I just found out that my email account wasn’t working until this mornning — anything sent before 10am today didn’t get to me.