Parent Hacks admin: Apologies to my RSS subscribers

Hopefully most of you will have no idea what I’m talking about, because I fixed the mistake right away. But for those of you who got an “Advertising on Parent Hacks” post in your face feed readers earlier this evening, I apologize. That post was intended as a resource page, back dated so it wouldn’t appear at the top of the feed. But due to, er, human error, I accidentally posted it to the front page for about one minute, which was long enough for a few overeager feed readers to pick it up.

Anyway, I’m slightly embarrassed. I’ve been overhauling the advertising setup and layout this weekend, which I’ll tell you more about later, but for now, well, now I’m going to watch some mindless TV.


  1. says

    I found it useful, actually. I read so many of my blogs via feeds, so when one of them has multiple advertising offerings, the only way I’d actually know about it is if it is the subject of a post.

  2. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Thanks, Foodmomiac. I’m the same way — I can go for months without clicking through to a site. I’m actually making a few little design changes I’ll be rounding up into a post later this week, so site visitors AND feed subscribers will know what’s up.