Use extreme caution when giving cough- or cold medicine to children under 2

My father in-law, a well-respected family doctor and extremely conscientious grandparent, passed along this article based on a Medwatch alert from the FDA. According to the alert, the risk of overdosing infants and toddlers with over-the-counter cold and/or cough medicine is real and dangerous. Tragically, the three infants cited in the alert died due to […]

Curly no-tie shoelaces for toddlers’ sneakers


Here’s how Kittenpie dealt with the toddler shoe-tying problem: Recently I had to buy my daughter new shoes and it was right between seasons. There was so little available, I grabbed a pair of sneakers, only to realize when I got home that they had laces – and my daughter is two years old. I […]

Turn a laundry basket into a sled


Michelle at Scribbit ("Motherhood in Alaska") knows her snow and transformed a laundry basket into a cozy pull sled for her two year old. Look at that happy baby! [Thanks for the pointer, Brian.] Other things laundry baskets are good for: Packing for a trip Containing wrapping paper chaos Bathing your baby Reducing separation anxiety […]

How to make crayon scratch art

Crayon scratch art! I used to love doing this myself as a kid — scratching through the black layer of wax to reveal neon-like colors. Mehhhhhh-mreeeeees…. Skip To My Lou’s scratch art how-to suggests using tempera paint as the top layer (although black crayon will work fine, too). [Via Kiddley] Tags: Art projects, Parenting

Parent Hacks admin: New ad slots for small businesses


As pleased as I am when the Hitachis of the world buy an ad on the site, I especially like when a smaller business like Javis Davis or Baby Dagny decides to advertise here. There’s so much creativity brewing among small, independent producers of family-friendly stuff…the stuff you’re not likely to find within a 50-mile […]